Available In: New York City * Las Vegas * Los Angeles * Boston * Miami * Denver * Baltimore * DC * San Francisco * Detroit  * Pittsburgh * Orlando * Philadelphia * Austin


Living Tables are a magically surreal yet functional way to present hors d’oeuvres, desserts, place cards, or party favors.


Cocktail Hour: Our Strolling Tables make a great first impression. There is no better way to create a festive mood than to have our gliding goddesses offer guests their first cocktail or appetizer.

Dessert: A jaw-dropping late night surprise: The double doors swing open as our glamorous human tables glide into the room presenting elegant desserts! _____________________________________________

Choose from a variety of designs including Marie Antoinette, the Gold Goddess, the Vegas Showgirl, and the Blue Geisha. Gorgeous female models and theatrical drag queen performers are both available. Performers are female unless otherwise requested.

Strolling Champagne Diva

Our glistening goddess offers your guests a glass of bubbly from her glamorous gown!  This exciting interactive experience is guaranteed to make a long-lasting impression.

The Strolling Champagne Diva holds 100 flutes at a time.  In addition to champagne she can serve mimosas, dessert parfaits, or even candy.

Her ensemble can easily be customized to fit your theme or color scheme.