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About Our Book: Closing Time

The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation Will show you how to:

  • Recognize and increase negotiating leverage to command price premiums
  • Refocus the conversation on value
  • Increase close rates and the number of deals sold without discounts
  • Leverage our 7 step process to increase close rates and reduce stalled opportunities
  • Leverage our 7 step process to increase close rates and reduce stalled opportunities

So what makes this book different?
It is:

  • Designed exclusively for Sales Negotiation
  • Has action items that are easy to implement at the end of each section
  • Proven successful worldwide for closing sales
  • There is nothing theoretical about it, just practical stuff that is easy to implement

Who should buy our book?

  • Any CEO, CFO, CSO or business owner looking to geometrically improve their profitability and market valuation, increase the lifetime value of their clients and better serve their customers and prospects
  • Any CSO, VP of Sales or Sales Manager looking to meet their forecast, increase close rates, accelerate the sales cycle, command price premiums, reduce discounting and reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to negotiate and close sales.
  • Any sales person who is interested in closing more sales more quickly and make more money without having to work harder. In fact you will be able to free up more time for your personal life or have more time to invest in making more sales and more money
  • Any investor who is looking to make extraordinary returns by increasing sales performance and market valuation for shareholders by putting sales negotiation best practices into place.

Mr. Hubsher holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research from Columbia University. Mr. Hubsher is the author of the book “Closing Time: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation”

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